Budget Friendly Church Lobby Design Ideas

When you have a budget for your ministry, the interior design of the church may not always be the first thing that comes into your mind. There are some important ministry items that may be top priority, and your church décor may not make the cut.

But keep this in mind: the interior design of your lobby is the first impression that people will consider when spending time at your church because it’s the first space in the building that most people experience. It is important for new visitors who are taking in every detail when they first visit the church.

If you’re convinced that this should be a priority and it seems like a lot of work, don’t worry! Just do it one step at a time, find some volunteers, and enjoy sprucing up your space. Here are some church lobby design ideas to help you get started:


1. Fresh paint – This is a straightforward decision because applying a fresh coat of paint to your space can really transform it. If the church building resembles a beige maze, look no further than the paint aisle of the nearest home improvement store. Don’t worry about filling up the lobby with bright colors because sometimes an accent wall is enough to liven things up. Even if you prefer neutral colors, refresh the paint job from time-to-time to keep it looking clean and tidy. Since the roof of churches can be a bit high for some people, then seek out help from a roofing and drainage specialist (website) who can help you with the job.

2. Modern lighting – Don’t worry if your church is full of industrial lighting because you don’t necessarily have to overhaul your wiring to change this. Instead, floor and table lamps are enough to provide a warmer, cozier space. You can also try string lighting to have a fun, modern touch to your lobby. If your hanging fixtures or wall scones are a bit old, then it’s best to switch these out.

3. Matching furniture – Many churches on a budget would happily accept donated furniture to furnish their lobbies. There’s nothing wrong with this because having some is better than none. However, if your budget permits, purchasing furniture in the same design theme can create a unified, intentional look in your lobby. A furniture that can withstand heavy use will surely last longer. Also, you can add some budget for carpet repair Surrey (Pablo Schroeder) services to further enhance the chruch's interior appearance.

4. Directional signs – If your signs are well-placed inside the church, then people will know where to go. They won’t be aimlessly wandering around just to find the area they’ll be going to. You can start by putting signs leading to the sanctuary, restrooms, and children’s area, and add from there. Make sure that the signs are large enough to be read even from far away. People will find these signs convenient especially if it lasts for years!

5. Green plants – Placing green plants inside your church can make the space more inviting and homier. You may want to consider plants that can thrive with minimal sunlight, and you can assign someone at the church to water and maintain them. If this isn’t doable, high quality fake plants can be a great alternative. They can still provide the same visual appeal, require no maintenance, and can last a lifetime.


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