My brothers and sisters in Christ, called by His passion for us on the cross, redeemed from our own carnal spirit and conformed to the image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit: Peace be in you; Greetings.

Truly by the word and Spirit of God we be many members of one body and the true Christ Jesus at the head. Praise the Lord! You abide in his light. Knowing that no carnal spirit can inherit the kingdom of God, let us also remember that Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is not seen that a man say here or there it is. For the kingdom of God is within you." So then, until our Lord returns the kingdom of God is manifest through you. How then ought we walk?

I speak of my own darkness. For you know that if from myself come backbiting, envy, pride, divisions, that I am yet carnal; the first spirit of corruption. For these fruits are of the corrupt tree. These coming from myself bear witness that I have not yet by love fallen dead for Christ. My old self is yet alive, yet should be dead so that Christ may live within me. I praise God that you are of light and not of darkness. For you know  them that are drunk are drunk in the night. The new creature does not resemble the old creature that we once were.

What then? Shall I hide from such a strong light? God forbid! Rather; I am ashamed of my darkness and repent. For by the Lord’s fire of truth we can know the difference between the kingdom of God and the city of confusion; Babylon. Therefore I cannot hide in darkness as to what be within myself. What a strong light our Lord does cast! Truly, the brighter the light, the darker the shadows. The corrupt tree of good and evil mixed is even the foundation of Babylon. God said to Adam and Eve, “In the day that you eat from the tree of good and evil, you shall surely die”.

So, being born of them that did eat, we are corrupt and the battle is within us. The conflict is between our own carnal spirit of flesh and our Lord’s Spirit of promise. So being corrupt, under the law, all are dead. Yet, by the mercy, grace, blood, and Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ a door is opened unto eternal life to all them that lay down the first spirit of corruption and put on the Holy Spirit of Christ. One must truly be born again or die with the flesh.

If there be yet conflict within myself, between the old carnal spirit and the Spirit of promise, I am yet eating from the corrupt tree. This manifests outwardly by corrupt fruits; pride, strife, divisions, no peace, a child of the curse; dead. If I were to continue this way and believe that I am born again; I am rather in more darkness than at the first. For at least then, I was yet seeking the promise. Indeed, no greater darkness is there than calling the dark light.

For these things make the operation of our Lord’s sacrifice to be of none effect. For the Holy Spirit is able to keep us from falling. Therefore, I do praise our Lord Jesus Christ, for He has gotten the victory over the battle that did rage within me. So then brothers and sisters, we being dead to this world are alive to God! For we did pray: Oh Lord, shine your light of truth down upon us. For if it should cause me to burn Lord, even as a man on fire, I will yet praise your Holy name and count my burning for a torch, that I may see through the darkness and behold the finish line.

The good Lord answered a wretch like me. Indeed, know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Let us then also remember that Jesus said, “them that do whatsoever I have said, them they are that love me”.  So then, in every way, we ought obey Jesus. Not as by works of the law, for under the law, all are dead. Yet, even as a faithful wife submits to her husband, so ought we obey the commandments of the New Covenant, by love. At the death of pride there is peace.

Therefore, let all our speaking and hearing be by grace and peace of the Holy Spirit. For then, by all them that witness our giving and receiving, a child of God is manifest. If any would bite you, let not your old carnal spirit be raised. Rather, praise the Lord! For so did they to all them before, that followed Jesus in truth. We ought also to suffer if we follow Christ in truth.

Even so, keep yourselves from them that mock the Holy Spirit for perilous times have come. These pretenders be many, speaking by the spirit of pride. With pointing fingers they sport themselves to be wise, quenching the testimony of Jesus and his apostles; meeting together to spot faults. Having not the true spirit of liberty and love, they follow after the Pharisees and scribes. Let us not be put in bondage all over again, remembering the great price that Jesus Christ paid for our liberty. We need not submit to anyone that does not make the Word of God the highest authority or takes the Word out of context.

Brothers and sisters, if a little light is shed upon a matter and it causes a man to get hot now; where will that man stand when the day dawns and the Son comes? For the Lord shall be very bright. Many will burn at the brightness of His return. The riders on horses will be confounded. The locusts and their king will go back into the pit. Knowing all them that mock the Holy Spirit are in danger of burning; pray for them. For I say unto you, before Christ, I was guilty of all.

Brothers and sisters; be not deceived; For the many take the gospel of our Lord out of context: They torture the Word. You are wise virgins, staying in His Word without ceasing. There be good oil in your lamps for the night. Having, by Christ in you, the truth, you shall not be confounded, nor will you be put to shame in the hour that the whole world will be tempted. Woe unto Babylon! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife.

Fellow servants, from here on out there is only one way for any snake of deceit that is hiding within us or outside of us: That is between the ground and the bottom of our feet and God’s sword of truth put clean through its neck. Blessed are they that rethink it all by the word of God in peace. For you know that upon every soul that does not refuse to be ashamed; the warm, gentle, true, God with us, latter rain is falling.

Though every mountain and every hill shall be moved from their place: Yet, we will not be moved! Carnal spirit of flesh be dead. Holy Spirit rise, Babylon fall, Kingdom come. In the Name and Spirit of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour; Amen.

Peace in Christ;
Michael Cook


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