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Jesus Saves!
(Life after meth; My personal testimony)

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The judge was very merciful. After drying out in the county lockup for two months, he dropped a 40,0000.00 dollar cash only bail and released me to go to treatment at Prairie Ridge Addiction Treatment Services. It was the only time that I have been to treatment in my life. If it weren't for the criminal charges of arson and assult on police officers with a deadly weapon (both are felonies) I never would have been to treatment.

While at the Ridge I was tested and interviewed by psychologists. They said that I was OK and that what happened to me was called... amphetamine psychosis. They said it is very much like paranoid schizophrenia. Wow! They also told me that cases of this were on the up-swing because of a kind of meth called ice or glass.

Was I into recovery? No; not right away. I took the offer because at the treatment center you get a better bed to sleep on and better food; Plus there are no bars on the windows. It was just a better place as far as I was concerned.

I soon changed my mind and got into the program. I read news articles about moms and dads that had killed their sons or daughters on meth. And husbands that had killed their wives on meth. About kids that have killed their parents on meth. My wife stayed with me through all this. I asked her later why she didn't just leave me. She said 'Because I knew that it wasn't you Mike and because I love you.' I praise God for letting me have Nevada!

After completing the program the judge in my case let me go home; it was march 1st, 2005. By the end of the month I had been to court and pled guilty. The judge let me stay home until my sentencing. I knew prison was coming, but I didn't know for how long. For the first time since I was 10 years old I felt free and I would feel free wherever I was and that includes prison.

Six months later I was sentenced to 5 years prison and 5 years probation and $115.000.00 in restitution. A merciful sentence for the charges. If you haven't been to prison, there is no way to explain it: Movies, TV. and books, just don't do it. All I can say is, all the stuff you hear is true... and so much more. You don't want to go there! If you have done time, no explanation is needed.

At processing, my prison sentence was cut in half to 2 and a half years. Because I got very involved in the prison programs I was allowed to see the Parole Board after serving 8 months.

My wife and brother in Christ Phillip Davis were at the parole hearing. The Board asked me one question... 'What happened Mr. Cook?' I answered, 'The doctors tell me that I was in a state of amphetamine psychosis when I started that fire and then picked up that knife.'  'But to be honest with you, that is not what caused the problem that night; what caused the trouble was my selfish and ignorant decision to use the crap again.' The Board granted me a parole; a week later my wife picked me up at Mount Pleasant State Prison and took me home. Praise the LORD!

I didn't lose my drivers license through all this and that was a blessing. Ten days after being released I got a job driving a cement mixer. During the winter I am keeping busy speaking to other drug addicts at the Ridge, N/A meetings, Midwest Bible in Cresco Iowa... I play a few of the songs I wrote and tell it like it is! A Gathering Of Christians is getting it's second wind also!

You see; God answered my prayer the last time I used dope. He surrounded me with help to stay clean. I am an active member of Narcotics Anonymous and speak when and wherever I am given the opportunity. The Lord answered a wretch like me! Jesus saves souls right now... there is life after meth! God will answer you; try Him when you had enough and all else fails. He's waiting... For you! I praise God for the friends we have today; right here in Osage! I keep myself surrounded by them all the time!

Peace In Christ;
Michael Cook

If for any reason you would like to make contact...


Phone   (641) 732-1454  ask for Mike or Nevada

God bless