Promote Your Web Site Yourself!

Do not spend money to promote or make your site search engine ready! Nothing will work better than putting in a little time to do it yourself and you will learn!

1. Get your site search engine ready. Do not pay a company to do this, it will not work as well! There are three basic categories to consider here:

A. Page title to page content relevancy: It is important that your title fits the content of your home page.

B. Page description to page content relevancy: The page description must be relevant to the page content.

C.  Key words: Many people use a lot of key words in their mete-tags for their site: That is a mistake! For best results use only 5 to 10 key words! Use key words that are found in the text of the page. Do not try to spam key words into your page so you can use them! Use what you have. If you have to change your text a little to use words that must be used that's OK.

Here is a link to check your work: Submitexpress: When you are ready, use submitexpress to enter your site into some search engines; click here. Just enter your site URL address into the address field and click submit. Each of the three categories should say excellent / 100% when you get them right. Do not give up! If you need help e-mail mike at:

The next three steps are ongoing. Peck away at it when you have the time.

2. Enter your site in as many search engines as possible. When using auto submission services remember; the big engines such as Yahoo, Google, Msn... do not allow auto submissions so you inter your site manually; Just go to the site (such as yahoo) and find the link that will say, list a site, suggest a site, or submit a web site, something to that effect. Then follow the directions for entering your site. There are some good free auto submission services and you should use them. Here is a good one to get you started: Active-ss

3. Enter your site in as many Directories and Top Sites as possible. We receive a good amount of traffic from these two resources: For a list of  Directories and Top Sites that you can list in for free go to our Best Links page.

4. Traffic exchanges can be a real good system for getting traffic to your site. Using the manual surf systems works well because there is a real person viewing your site. Auto-surfing sites work to increase the number of hits your site receives and that helps your search engine ranking.

Not all systems are the same: Some allow so many pop-ups and other bothersome things that we will not use them. The more sites you join, the better. If you can put in some time surfing for free credits it can be very effective: These exchanges helped us in our ratings and put us on the map. Here are a list of links to the sites we use; all of them have a free basic membership:

Traffic Exchanges We Use...

1. TrafficSwarm... Uses a rotating directory so visitors choose the link they want to hit. That means the traffic is more targeted! It is also best for search engine and Top site rankings because your link is clicked by the surfers. The Best traffic exchange that we have found!

2. JesusTraffic4All... The best Christian traffic exchange on the net!

3.  I Love Hits...  One of the best! With over 55,000 members the visits to our site are fast: We can get up to 500 hits a day from I Love Hits.

4. EmeraldClicks... Smooth and easy to use. A good one to get started using exchanges. Start receiving visitors after signing up and surfing a few sites: Good sign-up bonus.

5. StartXchange... Large membership and fast return hit rate. The more you surf the faster your site receives visitors.

6. HitAngel... Another smooth and easy to use exchange. Good bonuses for surfing more than a few sites.

7. WebMasterQuest... Large membership, easy to use, and a Topsites to list in.

If you have any questions please e-mail...

Peace In Christ;
Michael cook