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Testimonies of salvation, healing, and deliverance...

Matthew Pittaway                                                 7/20/05
From         Nashville  Tennessee
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Dear fellow ministers,
  I wanted to share some revelation the Lord gave me since our son Justin's (physical) death this May. I believe it will bless you. The obvious thing relating to his heart transplant is we need to have our hard heart of stone cut out and a tender heart of flesh put in. How God goes about doing this in our lives varies from individual to individual. The more we cooperate the easier it is I think.

In Hebrews it says "Today if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts as the children of Israel did in the wilderness and died never having obtained the promise." (My paraphrase). It is time to stop making excuses.

When we have a hard heart, even a portion of our heart is hard, it makes it very difficult to obey the still small voice of the Spirit of God on a consistant basis.

I thank God for using Justin to break my heart. His earthly death has been so painful and so wonderful to get me out of my ruts. I still have a long way to go, but I am taking things a little slower and obeying a little more, and seeing the fruit; running a media website, doing a weekly radio show, raising 2 teenagers, caring for a disabled wife, and now producing a film of Justin's story "Have a Heart".

I learned a lot through Justin's weakness. That is one message in Justin's story to the believer; God chooses the weak things to confound the strong so He gets the glory.

I find that God will put someone on my heart during my morning time with Him, and I will be driving around later and as I near that person's house God will remind me to stop and see them. My old nature (programming) is to never stop before calling, but sometimes I have lost the number, or as now, my cell  phone has been shut off so I can't call. So I have to soften my heart, hear the voice and obey. Therein is the blessing.

I think the hardest place (for those such as I) to obey God is in finances. We hear a brother or sister has need and we ask them about it, and they may tell us of the most pressing issue, so we write a check for that light bill or whatever, when the Spirit is telling us to give them 3 times that amount.

Let's try and go all day listening to the still small voice and obeying Him no matter how hard it is for us. I believe if we can do that simple thing, we will see a radical improvement in our lives and ministries.

Agape;  Matthew


Frank                                                                   6/20/05
From  Portsmouth,Ohio
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I came to the Lord about 20 years ago but never was where I should have been . Now I am closer than ever. He is My everything. Almost 10 years ago I went through what they call a Whipple surgery on my pancrease stomach bowels etc. I went into a coma and after 5 days I came back after my son and all relatives were called to come and watch me die; Even The Marines sent my son home: Any how, I was in the most beautifull place, and such peace that really does go beyond words to tell. 

I would like to know if anyone has been haveing things happen to them as Mom and I have? There are these little shadowy things about 18 inches high that just appear out of nowhere and seem to walk around and once you get a good stare right at them they just disappear? We took it to The Lord in Prayer about 4 months ago and they quit coming around. NOW tonight I was watching TV and they started again; if anyone really knows what I am talking about please write me at,

Thank you; and God richly Bless you and yours. Please pray for my nephew who was diagnosed with lung cancer about 2 months ago, we all love him, He has neever smoked in his life and is a Christian and is suffering so much. Thanks for reading this with all my Love that God Has given me, Bye for now, cannot wait to see you in Heaven someday soon; Frank.


Sandy                                                                   5/31/05
From        Kentucky
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I came to Our glorious Lord and God 5 years ago, through all things a palm reader in LA (not that I frequented them, but I was lost facing a divorce and didn't know what direction to turn), she taught me the Lords prayer and it peaked my interest from my youth of Sunday school.

After 9 years my now ex-husband started mocking a friend that had turned to Christ and he was setting up new offices in LA and adopted that lifestyle. He cheated and after some time apart, I flew across the world and we reconsiled. I moved to LA with him and sold my house. He than cheated on me again and was really into a weird seen, his Christain friend came into town (pretending business) and said you must come with me and stay with my wife.

So I left and started a new life got a job at 31 and was working on my divorce. I agreed to a low settlement, the day the papers were signed my ex-husband (not a US citisen, nor were his companies in the US or UK, but offshore and untouchable) maxed out all of the cards in my name (again not a citizen, so no ssn) and said if I came back and was his girlfriend while he dated others he would take care of everything. NO GO.

So I was evicted, and lived off of 25 nutty bars for weeks and finally came back to a city I always hated; to live at my moms and sleep on the sofa. I have been homeless for 3 years now and love the Lord Jesus more than ever, in this time I have been able to really study and see the horrendous deceptions going on all over the place. He has really opened my eyes to so many things.

I do miss the nicer things in life every now and then, I miss love ( I had met someone when I still lived in the other city and was learning more about Jesus through my friend, (sigh), I guess God didn't want it, and would prefer me to be elsewhere. I know the Lord is with me and will never forsake me. By His grace and love I am getting by and learning more. I pray that my ex-husband finds the Lord.

Anyway, that's been my walk so far, I want to return to the UK, the new laws are getting frightening here and the lies and distortions in the US corp media and church is getting worse than ever. I pray Our Lord, Saviour, and God Jesus will open all eyes to the deceptions surrounding them.


Tim Corbett                                                          5/27/05
From        Medicine Hat, Alberta
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I was raised in a Christian home that ended in divorce at the age of 12. We ended up living in low cost houseing and my mother was always working to try to support us by her self. I started to rebel when she remarried and took to a life of crime and drugs. Heavy metal became a god to me and this is when I got caught breaking the law.

While waiting for trial and the ensueing jail time to follow, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the story of Jesus I had heard when I was a child. A battle took place within my soul to decide where I was going to spend eternity. Through all the chaos Jesus was the only one that stood peacefully calling out to me,and I yelled out, "I don't want to die." At that very moment He saved me.


Brent                                                                    5/23/05
From        Saint Ansgar
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I grew up in North Dakota the third of eight children. My Dad made sure we were in church every week. It was not optional, all ten of us. So I was exposed to all kinds of church situations growing up. In spite of Gods hand on me, I still insisted at times to do my own thing, and my behind held the tender proof of that [often], but always I knew that love was the reason.

One sunday after hearing about Heaven for the thousandth time, I asked Jesus if I could become a Jew, because they were the chosen people, and if I could be one, I surely could get into Heaven. After the service was over I went to the pastor and asked him if I could become a Jew. That got his attention as his expression revealed it clearly.

He was without words for what seemed like minutes, but probably was only seconds and he said to me, Brent, you have to be born a Jew to be a Jew. Also, they dont know who Jesus is. At nine years old, it was clear to me that our hearts were not the same. The pastor was more into church reasons after that and the more I pressed him on it, the deeper into law he tried to send me.

I wanted to be in heaven and was not sure if I could make it. The next sunday, I sat in the pew talking to Jesus and pleading for Him to make me the kind of person that He would allow into heaven. I cried out with all my heart, confessing that I was sinful and was truly sorry and wanted to never let Him down. I asked Jesus to help me to know what  to say and I asked Him to come live in me to make sure I would be ok.

Since that time, much has happened to reveal the truth of the bible to me and as I am able to receive it, I try to share with others how they too do not have to become any race or religeon to become one of Jesus's own. If the Son therefore shall set you free, you shall be free indeed! And when we get back to where our journey began, in heaven, His open arms will be waiting to embrace us and welcome us home. In Jesus name, Amen